About Bonnie Davies : Make-up Artist


There's no one else in the world like you! When you look in the mirror, do you celebrate your reflection? Your individuality? Or do you start to look for the flaws you think that make you "less attractive" than your mother, sister, best friend, co-worker, neighbour, etc. In a recent study in ten countries, when women were asked, only 2% thought that they were pretty. Only 2%! This is a tragedy. It is my mission in life to increase this number, and to help women gain self esteem, confidence, and personal style to project a more empowered self. It's a simple as learning the skills and using the tools, in makeup, to define, accentuate, or conceal the features that make you uniquely you.


I graduated from the "School for Ugly Ducklings". I did not feel I was beautiful, at all. As a young person and a jock, I knew nothing about makeup. I used to wear earth tones to get the "natural" look. These were totally the wrong colours for me, but I didn't know where to get the right information.

However, at the tender age of 20 I got into the cosmetic sales world and learned as much as I could to help others feel better about the cosmetics they would purchase and use in their own bathrooms. Training was basic and minimal at first, but then I saw a video of a Makeup Artist, John Maxwell, and he transformed an ordinary looking woman and turned her into an extraordinary vision of loveliness before my very eyes! I knew then that I wanted to contribute my knowledge of makeup to women, so that they felt that their reflection in the mirror was as beautiful as they could be, without trying to change who they were.

Now, after over 24 years in the cosmetic industry, hours of training, courses and workshops, and with literally thousands of faces under my brushes, together, you and I, become the team to HONOR THE YOU IN BEAUTIFUL.

Let me just say that I do not think that makeup is necessary to feel beautiful, that being said, for women who do wear makeup, most have never been shown how to properly apply makeup for their specific features, i.e. eye shape, face shape, etc., and once they hold that confidence of application, they do in fact feel better about themselves.

Just think back to your high school pictures. Do you still look the same? Even though you know that you don't quite look the same as that time in your life, are you guilty of using the same makeup techniques? How long ago was it that you changed your makeup style? I often tell clients that if you've changed your hairstyle or colour, job, spouse, decade, or address, you should probably change your makeup style, too. You would actually benefit by getting a new look every six months, talk about a painless face lift!!!! A professional makeup artist will show you new techniques and tips to present the best you, for who you are, now!


Makeup should enhance or disguise your certain features and fit who you are as a person. It should suit your personality and the occasion. Together, you and I, will come up with a look you're comfortable applying and wearing. In my One on One - Personal Instruction appointments, I will teach you how to apply the "look" by doing it on one side of your face and you will learn by copying this look on the other side. Silly as it may sound, just a small millimetre in application of colour can create small miracles. Wouldn't you like to learn these tricks of the trade, and create the kind of look you enjoy wearing? Wouldn't you like to defy the "Aging gods"? You, too, can look years younger, healthier and dazzle your friends, family and co-workers with a "be- YOU - tiful", updated, new look.



Brent Butt
Shaun Majumder
Seamus O'Reagan
Ben Mulroney
Theresa Sokyrka
Perez Hilton
Richard Greico
Tahnee Welch
Michael Ironside
Greg Evigan
Bridgett Bako
John Boylan

Corporate Clients

Canada AM
Royal University Hospital
Saskatoon Credit Union
Affinity Credit Union
Saskatchewan Teachers Federation
Prairie Spirit School Division
Saskatchewan Liberal Party
Robin's Donuts
Saskatoon Star Phoenix
Saskatchewan Magazine
Sky Magazine
Edge Productions


Saskatchewan Motions Picture  Industry Assoc. Award Nominee

SABEX Award Nominee

Began Cosmetic Career in 1982

$250,000 Circle of Achievement Director   

Career Car winner

Cosmetic Educator for over 30 years

Makeup Artist for Cindy Moleski Photography for  over 25 years

WhiteHot Smile Teeth Whitening Technician

Radio Host 10 years

Volunteer for LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER program for women living with Cancer for over 15 years   www.facingcancer.ca